V-10 Short film

The very need for blaming everything on somebody else and the everlonging question in itself? Who these aliens are, my little attempt to blame it too.

This is a short film done by the students of Maximus in a 3day competition ( night’s inclusive ), the film explores something very basic (and told a zillion times) but has multiple answers or questions for that matter.

This was done a year and a half back just found it in my backup, thought I’d share it with all. Mind you, these guys had only 3 days to shoot, edit, sound, act, vfx etc etc… everything.



Short film V-10

Making of V-10

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My VFX Student’s list

  • Mayank Sharma
  • Bharat kabra-Consultant and freelancer
  • Himesh shah Nagda- EyeQube Studios-Compositer/Roto/Paint
  • Sujit tone- EyeQube Studios-Compositer/Roto/Paint
  • Manie Bhatia-Prana studios-Fx artist
  • Avinash rajan-Sony entertainment Creative Designer
  • shekhar gharat
  • Manik khanna-Team Leader (Design/Arch Visualization) in Sparrow Interactive
  • Swetank saini-Freelancer
  • Praveen saini
  • Vikas praveen
  • Tarun gupta- EyeQube Studios-Compositer/Roto/Paint
  • Tanveer
  • Mandeep singh-Red Chillies Vfx  Studios-Compositer/Roto/Paint
  • Sagar Saxena-Aaj tak news channel-motion graphics
  • Gaurav oberoi
  • Uttam Sharma-freelancer
  • Satyendra diwedee -Red Chillies Vfx  Studios-Compositer/Roto/Paint
  • Gaurav pancham-freelancer
  • Robin rebello-freelancer
  • Ruby gulatiTata elxsi VCL-Compositer/Roto/Paint
  • Varsha ranu-Red Chillies Vfx  Studios-Compositer/Roto/Paint
  • Vijay rajbhar-Red Chillies Vfx  Studios-Compositer/Roto/Paint
  • Deepak singh-Aag VFX- vfx trainer
  • Abhishek parashar-Current Student
  • Vikas saraswat-Current Student
  • gaurav rathod-generalist / fx artist
  • Shambhu karana-freelance script writer
  • Ajay paralkar-Editor
  • habibullah-Tata elxsi VCL-Compositer/Roto/Paint
  • priyanka gera-Current Student
  • priyanka rani-Current Student
  • gagan ailawadi--Current Student
  • tarun bisht-Current Student
  • arun negi-Current Student
  • kanchan-Current Student
  • aroon bisht-Current Student
  • nisha tank-Current Student
  • dul-Current Student
  • ganesh-Current Student
  • karan-Current Student
  • rajeev-Current Student
  • sudhir-Current Student
  • sneha amin-Current Student
  • manish-Current Student
  • pralay-Current Student
  • swati-Current Student
  • sagar-Current Student
  • abhilash-Current Student
  • ankit t-Current Student
  • arunava p-Current Student
  • santosh-Current Student
  • shreekumar-Current Student
  • sohel-Current Student
  • dinesh-Current Student
  • prakash-Current Student
  • suraj-Current Student
  • karamraj-Current Student
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    Hello Everyone :)

    A big shake to all you guys out there, this is my simple effort to put in together broken shards which have been in pieces for a long time now.

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